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A property, investment / lease / rental
Job responsibilities:

1, the implementation of senior foreign real estate leasing business plans and programs, to complete the business objectives

2, contact the housing rental Commission, with the foreign enterprises, the business of the Proxy Companies

3, house reception, customer negotiation, contract signing, to provide a comprehensive pre lease, rent service

4, customer development and maintenance of
5, with the coordination of internal departments, suppliers of cooperation

Job requirements:

1, college degree or above, English listening, speaking and writing

2, to understand foreign real estate leasing related business processes, 1 years or above relevant working experience

3, customer service consciousness, good at coordination and communication
4, strong adaptability, learning ability, team cooperation

5, strong will power, thinking, agile, positive enterprising, have the ability to develop
Two, the receptionist / operator / Receptionist

Job responsibilities:

1, timely and accurate answer / transfer calls, such as the need to record messages and timely convey

2, receive visitors and timely and accurate notice to be interviewed

3, complete other work assigned by supervisor

Job requirements:

1, a strong sense of service, skilled use of computer office software

2, have good coordination ability, communication skills, have a sense of responsibility, personality and lively, cheerful, with affinity

3, fluent in Mandarin

4, can accept to do six Hugh
Three, driver and assistant

Job responsibilities:

1 to complete the companys mission requirements, can adapt to work overtime

2 to send a car personnel command, time out, obey the arrangement

3 to do a good job of vehicle maintenance, maintenance, cleaning, etc.

4 other temporary work assigned by the leadership.

Job requirements:

1 male, 40 years of age, the city residence or veterans, Party members

2 C1 and above drivers license

3 familiar with the traffic conditions in various regions of Shanghai, no traffic accident

4 character, character, calm, honest, can bear hardships and stand hard work

5 has a good driver professional quality, no bad habits

6 have a certain knowledge of motor vehicle maintenance and maintenance
Four, office assistant

Job responsibilities:

1 good command of computer system, with relevant certificates

2 have a certain language skills, can draw up general office
Four English
3 level and above
4 can accept to do six rest a

Job requirements:

1 to know the use of computer software (Dreamweaver Photoshop AutoCAD), etc.

2 good at computer maintenance and maintenance

3 web server maintenance in production

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