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Shanghai Dragon Peak enterprise group is a set of real estate, construction, property and building materials as one of the integrated large-scale group. Company headquarters is located in Changning District, West Yan an Road, Shanghai, 1566, 28-29 building, dragon. The group registered capital of 200000000 70000000 yuan, now has jurisdiction over 11 subsidiaries, with high-quality staff more than 1000 people. Subsidiaries: Friends of the Shanghai Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Dragon Peak Property Management Co., Ltd., Shanghai million home Investment Co., Ltd., Fu Lai international (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai and peak source real estate Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Dragon Peak International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Ho Heng (China) Co., Ltd., real long international trading GmbH (Germany), the Shanghai Ying star Kim Building Materials Trade Co., Ltd., the friends of the Shanghai Investment Co., Ltd., Shangyu friends home Co., Ltd..
Company was established in May 15, 1996, mainly engaged in real estate development, domestic trade, investment management, business services, property management, computer technology development and its own business. Company since its establishment, has carried out a number of real estate project development, 1998 Pudong Phoenix home project development, 2001, Changning District Friends of the apartment, Dragon Peak edifice senior commercial office building project development, 2002 Shangyu City Garden villa group project development, Pudong in 2004 is the east garden one, two, three high-grade residential project development, in 2005 the name of the peak in Pudong Homestead Project, 2006 secondary development of Sheng Longfeng building project development, 2010 Yu is royal palace luxury high-rise residential project development and 2011 Hongqiao No. 95 plots high-grade villas, high-rise residential projects open hair etc..
Dragon Feng Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. has always been to the "credibility first, customer first" for the purpose, adhering to the beautification of the city, so that more people enjoy the good life of the enterprise mission, to the core values of the enterprise - "commitment to serve as common development" guidance of the work, determined to become the first choice of integrated developers. In 1996, the operation of the company marks the company entered the stage of rapid development, in each item and land reserve, team building, capital operation, etc. are proactive, strengthening the stability of foundation.
Long peak group adhere to the spirit of responsibility for society, customers and enterprises, uncompromising attention to every detail of every project and product, for the community to provide quality products and services, for consumers to create the most comfortable homes.
Now is the Dragon Peak Group from small to big, from weak to strong, from extensive management to standardized management. Today has gradually established a modern standard of enterprise management system, and forged a strong management team. Company currently has more than 1000 employees, the overall quality of personnel, professional ability, with a high degree of cohesion and solidarity. At the same time, the company focused on strengthening the construction of talent, so that the human resources to meet the needs of the companys continuous development.
At present, the company to adapt to a number of transport as a prerequisite to the overall cost reduction, strengthen risk control as the leading, product innovation research and construction, sales as the main line, to the property, human and administrative management to support the establishment of a system of corporate governance mechanism. Focus on creating the land capital, the team as the core of the core competitiveness, to ensure the rapid development of the company.
In the future, a long way to go. Dragon Peak enterprise group will continue to carry forward the integrity, efficient, innovative, beyond the spirit of enterprise, to a higher goal, the companys brand and product quality to a new height.
Dragon Peak purpose: honor first, customer first
Dragon Peak spirit: integrity, efficiency, innovation, transcendence
Dragon Peak goal: to create a boutique building, build a better life
Dragon Peak core values: commitment to serve, common development

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