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Project description:
Is the East Garden by the Shanghai long peak group and Shanghai Zhonghuan Investment Development Group joint venture, Shanghai million real estate investment and Development Co., Ltd.. East International Park in Pudong New Area, east of Dongming Road, West to Yuntai Road, North South Road Yang thought, gaoqing. Planning total land area of about 220000 square meters, with a total construction area of about 320000 square meters, the volume rate of 1.14, green rate of 50%. East International Park, covering 8 elevator apartment, villa garden scene 4+1 situation and other forms of property low density. Planning to set up two luxurious clubs, with a total area of nearly 3000 square meters, with warm water swimming pool, gym and other high-end leisure sports facilities. From the 2010 Expo site 2 kilometers; about 150000 square meters of Ecological Park (construction), redrawing the boundaries of life. And the Metro Line 6 Green Road station, playing together in the citys transit peak. The status of the worlds attention, for the real upper and enjoy. Supporting the construction of more than 2 square meters of commercial.
Is the east garden take Wright architectural lines and colors for pure tone to the solemn portal, gorgeous courtyard, rough walls, exquisite window frames, steep roof distinct elements. Master of chisels and old buildings and people gain by contrast, harmonious notes, with the rhythm of the pulse of the perfect city. The building is large, wide field of vision, the South south. The main chamber for 94-112 square metres of two rooms, 120-146 square meters three rooms, 158-170 square metres four rooms, 160-232 square meters. Fangxing founder, rational layout, perfect function.
Is the international garden near the east to complete function, high quality style commercial pedestrian street. The street has many characteristics of the size of square, courtyard, etc., so that it becomes the entire area of urban open space and public facilities.
Surrounding traffic:
Metro line six, Metro Line seven, metro line eight HD road station;
Bus --980973614626 Road, etc.
Project pattern:

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International Garden
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International Garden
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International Garden

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